Terror Field

Welcome to the Stabbin' Cabin: The Ultimate Thrill !

 A highly energetic, high intensity in-your-face haunt experience like no other in the Finger Lakes or NY for that matter. Mature audience advised.

STABBIN Cabin Unleashed (Blackout) Sunday

Darkness awaits you! The only thing that will light your groups way is a single glow stick...if you can manage to keep it, that is. Better hold on tight because the ghost of this cabin hate lights and will try to get it any chance they can get! 

Family night

 A much tamer family event for kids of all ages. This event will let everyone enjoy a funny, frightful night that isn’t your typical experience here at Terror Field. 

About the Attraction

Terror Field Productions, LLC will be opening the Stabbin' Cabin: The Ultimate Thrill! as a Haunted Attraction this October. 

          A forgotten cabin that was once involved in the most horrific deaths of the early 90’s. Psychics have said this area was a portal from another world. 

until recent uncover, the spirits of this gruesome crime have kept to themselves.

Legend has it that the portal lays within the house and you may see the other side, however some don’t come back.

This Attraction has Extreme Graphics, Strong Language, mature content and is Hand On in your Face. You may get Touched, Grabbed, Pushed,Pulled. If you DON'T like hands on and in your Face Action this ISN'T for YOU! Mature Audience is Advised!

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Dates & Hours of Operation

Opens at 7:00pm and last ticket sold is at 10:30 pm Every Friday & Saturday night in October

Open 7:00PM - 9:00pm First three Sundays for Family night

Open 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm starting the 3rd Sunday in October for Blacked Out Sundays


General: eventsales@terrorfield.com
Website Issues: webmaster@terrorfield.com


Terror Field is located at 7 Columbia St., Clyde, NY 14433


  • No Smoking of any Kind on site
  • No Running
  • No Touching, Pushing or Hitting Actors! This is an "In your Face" Hand on Haunt. You Enter Knowing this, and you WILL be escorted out! Police WILL be Called!
  • No Alcohol and you maybe denied if to intoxicated
  • No Weapons of any Kind, all guest maybe subject to frisk
  • • No Cell phones can be used to take pictures, videos, live stream, or record sound. They also cannot be used as a flashlight.
  • No Flashlights, glow sticks, or cell phone lights unless given to you by staff.


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"First things first... if you're looking for wholesome family Halloween entertainment, this ain't it. This place will give it to you as if you were on the strip paying for it. Yeah, it's that kinda thing.Listen to the warnings because they aren't kidding. Another attraction that's in your face, on your face, and straight up your.... umm...Y e a h. It's good. Stabbin' Cabin is interactive. It's creepy. It can make Texas Chainsaw look like Pee Wee's playhouse, even if RZ did do the set work. Another top notch haunt that few can compete themselves to. Well worth the money and literally some bang for your buck... or a buck to bang, if you see what we seen.... found it! Venture down 5&20 to Clyde. Bring fresh pants. Two pairs. Maybe an adult diaper. They definitely held to every word in the previously posted interview."

-Octoberic on scarycuse.com 

Scare Factor - Team Skelegore writes

"I think my soul may have actually been extracted within these walls, and placed in a jar with everyone else’s; but that’s beside the point. Terror Field is challenging the norms of the haunt industry regarding how a haunt should go about scaring its patrons. The website is upfront about what this show is – hands-on, in-your-face raw energy. It should be noted before seeing this haunt that you WILL be touched, but we’ll come back to that. Despite the 18+ content of the show, it was so refreshing to find something other than the standard jumpscares and smattering of unrelated scenes."

" Terror Field is what you get when you take Dead Acres/Haunted Hoochie and reduce it "

-Badlander's Reviews