Terror Field

Welcome to the Stabbin' Cabin

 A highly energetic, high intensity in-your-face haunt experience like no other in the Finger Lakes or NY for that matter. Mature audience advised.

About the Attraction

Terror Field Productions, LLC will be opening the Stabbin' Cabin as a Haunted Attraction this October. This Attraction has Extreme Graphics, Strong Language, mature content and is Hand On in your Face. Mature Audience is Advised!

This High Intensity Haunted Attraction is Hands on! You may get Touched, Grabbed, Sat. If you DON'T like hands on and in your Face Action this ISN'T for YOU! Mature Audience is Advised!

Blackout Sunday

Darkness awaits you! The only thing that will light your groups way is a single glow stick...if you can manage to keep it that is. Better hold on tight because the ghost of this cabin hate light and will try to get it any chance they can get! 

School on Elm Street

Welcome to the School that the most hated serial Killer loves to roam. Solve the clues, piece together the mystery and Try to Find his Hat, Sweater, and Glove in order to escape his nightmare.

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Dates & Hours of Operation

Open 7:00pm - 10:30 pm every Friday & Saturday night in October

Open 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm every Sunday in October for Blacked Out Sundays


General: eventsales@terrorfield.com
Website Issues: webmaster@terrorfield.com


Terror Field is located at 7 Columbia St., Clyde, NY 14433


  • No Smoking
  • No Running
  • No Touching, Pushing or Hitting Actors! This is an "In your Face" Hand on Haunt. You Enter Knowing this, and you WILL be escorted out! Police WILL be Called!
  • No Drinking
  • No Weapons of any Kind
  • No Cell phones can be used to take pictures, videos, live stream or record sound
  • No Flash lights, glow sticks, or cell phone lights


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